Open for Mentoring ✨ A Cheat Sheet to Your Career Success 📈

Open for Mentoring ✨ A Cheat Sheet to Your Career Success 📈

Where to sign up 👉, I will contact you via email or whatsapp later.

What is it? 🤔

This is a group mentoring (if there will be more than one person requesting for mentoring session). You will probably be meeting with new friends 🎉

It will be conducted via online video call like google meet 🤙📸

free of charge. No promotional content included 🙅📺

Who can be mentee? 🧙

Particularly, I am targeting those who is pursuing undergraduate degree on computer science (or equal) in. Fresh graduate on vocational, diploma, or bachelor degree are also welcome. At least someone who already know what they are going to learn.

The mentee have got their required equipments on learning topic they need, e.g. laptop or PC, Internet connection.

The mentee needs to be motivated enough to talk and conducting active learning, since the mentor will not going to tell you everything and do a lecture.

Who will be the mentor 🧑‍🏫

me 🙇, at least for now

I am a warmth and fun person, quite opposite from the picture 😄 maybe I need a training on making a good expression on picture

Benefit for mentee

  • New friends
  • Stop wasting your time on learning something non essential to your goal
  • Handful insight from 5 years experience of Software Engineer
    Something I wished I had
  • etc

What the mentor will provide

Help organizing regular mentoring session, could be weekly, bi-weeky, monthly, as needed.

Host the mentoring session. Within their knowledge and experience he/she will provide some valuable insight, comment, or resource for you to learn and explore more.

Benefit for mentor

  • Connect to new friends and successful Software Engineer wannabe
  • Reciprocal learning
  • Personal satisfaction
  • etc

How will we do it?

  1. Unless the mentee is coming with his/her group, we will help you to form a mentoring group based on some similarity (it could be motivation, background, etc). 🙌
  2. In the group, we will schedule first mentoring session. ⭐️
    To get to know each other, introduction, and find out what are you going to do for the week.
  3. You need to do your homework or project ✍️
  4. Next session, you need to share the progress of your homework or project.
    No wrong answer, even if you don't do your work. Any excuse is acceptable as long as you are presence and responsible 👌
  5. In the session, your peers could comment and give you a constructive feedback. The mentor will surely give you a valuable insight in get things done effectively. Think of it as shortcut 🏃

Where to sign up 👉, I will contact you via email / whatsapp later

Anymore question, please drop an email to my gmail at satriahrh